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Not All Teams Are Created Equal!


The best way to tell you about our Team is to begin by telling you what our Team is NOT.
We are not...
"The Hero and the Minions"

Many Real Estate Teams today operate around a central hero 'figurehead' agent, usually someone who has many years of experience.  This figurehead agent, sometimes referred to as a "Rainmaker" or "Mega Agent", secures all of the business and the remaining Team Members ("Minions") do the majority  of the work - including handling all contact with the Team's Clients.

"The Compartmentalized Team"

Some Real Estate Teams, and even some start-up Real Estate Brokerages, approach their business so that each major client interaction is compartmentalized and handled by different Team Members.  For example, one Member secures business, another does all marketing, another handles contracts and transactions, yet another oversees closings, etc. You are 'handed off' at various times throughout the process.  

"The High Volume, High Turnaround Team"

A few Real Estate Teams have taken their business to the height of efficiency and production by employing a 'one size fits all' system to achieve a high sales volume at the cost of providing personalized 'hands on' service and support.  This business model is often followed by 'Discounters' who must service a larger number of transactions on a lower-cost and time-per-client basis due to their lower per-client fees. They need a quick turnaround on each client in order to realize a profit margin.

"The Team In Name Only"

Some local Real Estate Agents or Teams are not really Teams at all - - they simply call themselves a team in their marketing.  An Agent who hires a part-time assistant or two Agents who cover for each other while they are on vacation are not truly a Team.


Such 'Teams' do not typically provide any added client value.

So, now that you know what our Team is NOT, let us tell you what our Team really is (and what it means to you)...

We ARE a group of professionals who work together to create synergy and a better experience for our clients. 


We ARE committed to providing Excellent service for our clients through this shared input, knowledge, experience, resources, and energy.

FACT: A properly structured and highly functioning Team will always out-serve and out-produce an individual Agent.

Not all teams are created equal though.


When you hire our Team, you will work with your Agent throughout your entire home buying or selling experience.  Each 'Team Behind The Team' Member supporting your Agent is an equally highly qualified and dedicated professional. 
"Behind the scenes", your Agent has the added support, backing, and resources of the entire Team - - including our Client Care Specialist, Managing Broker, Transaction Coordinator, Branch Leader, etc. - - and, therefore, so do YOU!  
Our Team is constantly overseeing, discussing, and monitoring every one of our active client transactions to ensure that you receive Excellent service, timely updates, valuable hands-on guidance, and the benefit of our vast shared real estate expertise and experience.
You truly get the 'best of both worlds' - - A personal, hands-on  relationship with your own Agent, backed by a highly effective and seasoned Support Team, and the reputation and resources of the World's largest and most trusted real estate organization!
FACT: Year after year, The Art of Real Estate Team consistently receives nearly perfect third-party Customer Satisfaction ratings from our clients. 
Our goal is simple - - to exceed your expectations and make your next real estate transaction with us the best and most rewarding experience possible for you. 

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Thank you for visiting our website!  We offer free consultations with absolutely no pressure and no obligation whatsoever - - We are here to help!
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