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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Selling a Home with our Team:
"Do I need to pay more when working with your Team?"
No, but you will certainly get more!  In fact, whether you are buying or selling a home, our Team Members collaborate and share ideas, insights, and experience to ensure the very best outcome for ALL of our valued Buyer and Seller Clients!

"What is your commission?"
Our fees are based upon several factors, primarily on what will be required to accomplish your goals in the time frame that you desire.
While we are always very competitive in our fee structure to meet the needs of the marketplace, we also will never compromise on the depth and the quality of the service that we provide, as that can actually cost you more time and money in the long run. 
Your Team Member will discuss with you the specific fee structure that we will suggest for your situation to ensure the maximum results for you.   And, remember, we guarantee your full satisfaction!
"What is the length of time for a Listing Agreement?"
Again, every situation is different, but typically a 3 to 6 month initial term is customary.  We will share with you the market statistics for your area so that we are sure that our agreement term covers not only finding a Buyer, but also the negotiation of price and terms, oversight of all contingencies, and a successful settlement.
Remember, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you know that from the beginning, and all the way through to closing, we are working hard to ensure your complete satisfaction!
"Will I be 'handed off' throughout the process?"
No.  With our Team, you are never 'handed off' during the course of your transaction (or ever!).  Your designated Team Member (Agent) will remain your hands-on advocate and representative, with the full support and resources of the entire 'Team Behind The Team' supporting them - - and you!
"Do you need to place a Realtor lockbox on my home?"
Since the very best potential Buyers are working with their own Buyer's Agents, we highly recommend that we place a lockbox to aid in providing access for showings.  We will, however, put a plan in place with you to control the manner of showing appointments for your convenience and peace of mind.  Your Team Member will discuss your specific situation, along with any special requirements or concerns you may have, before we list your home so that you are satisfied and comfortable with the plan for providing showing access.
"I need to use the Relocation Company that my employer uses when I list and sell my home.  Can you still help me?"
Absolutely!  In fact, we are experts in Corporate Relocation and certified and experienced in the nuances and differences that a Relocation listing and sale require.  We will ensure that all required program requirements are met so that your Relocation benefits are protected.  And, you can actually request us by name!  Just let your employer's Relocation contact know that you want to work with us!
"Will I ever work with another Team Member?"
You may hear from our Team's Client Care Coordinator on routine matters of your transaction, such as ensuring that you have copies of all pertinent paperwork or for a quick question so that you are always covered and always receiving the service, communication, contact, and support that you expect - - and deserve!
"Does signing a Listing Agreement obligate me to sell my home or pay a penalty if I don't sell my home for any reason?"
No.  We understand that sometimes people's circumstances may change - - even as we are in the process of trying to sell their home.
If such a change is necessary, there is no penalty or other cost to you!
"What are the advantages to me in working with your Team?"
Our experience and results for our clients..."We have done this before!" 
Our Team Members' cumulative skill, experience, and know-how in successfully representing Sellers is of benefit to ALL of our Team's clients!
We share ideas, strategies, experiences, contract knowledge, issue resolution, best practices, professional resources, tactics, and client support with each other for the benefit of all of our Seller clients.
No single agent can do that!
Also, since our Team has developed the necessary administrative  systems, transaction checklists, and 'behind the scenes' support, you can rest assured that all of the details will be handled and that your designated Agent is freed-up to focus the majority of their time and energy on YOU!
Simply stated, a Team will always out-perform and out-service an Individual.  Our Team has handled hundreds of successful Buyer and Seller transactions - - we know this business inside and out! 
Let our shared skill, experience, expertise, local market knowledge, and resources work for you!

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Thank you for visiting our website!  We offer free consultations with absolutely no pressure and no obligation whatsoever - - We are here to help!
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