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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Buying a Home in today's market:
"Do I need to pay more when working with your Team?"
No, but you will certainly get more!  In fact, whether you are buying or selling a home, our Team Members collaborate and share ideas, insights, and experience to ensure the very best outcome for ALL of our valued Buyer and Seller Clients!

"Do I pay a fee to have a Buyer's Agent?"
Yes, but typically you do not pay us directly to represent you.  In most cases, our firm's service fee is built into the price you are paying for the home and paid by the Listing Company that represents the Seller at closing 
Your obligation to pay would be satisfied by this 'sharing' of the total commission that the Seller pays their own Listing Agent, then shared with our firm acting as your Exclusive Buyer's Agent, in lieu of you paying us directly.
A long time ago, savvy Sellers learned that it actually benefits them to have their own Listing Agents offer this shared fee approach to Buyer Agents as it attracts more Buyer Agents working with qualified potential Buyers to show and sell their home.
So, the bottom line is that you receive full representation from us as your Exclusive Buyer's Agent while your obligation to pay our fee is typically covered by agreement with the Listing Agent's firm and paid on your behalf by the Seller at time of Settlement..
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our company's fees and/or method by which those fees may be paid in order for us to fully represent your best interests as a Home Buyer.
"When should I speak with a Mortgage Lender?"
If you will be obtaining a Mortgage Loan in order to make a purchase, the answer is NOW!  It is never too early to discuss your situation with an experienced, professional Lender who can show you your options, review the various programs and costs, and answer your questions related to Mortgage Financing.  You will be educated and prepared!
They will provide you with a Pre-Approval Letter, also known as a "Lender's Letter".  This information can be updated over time as need, but it reflects a 'snapshot' of your ability as a potential Buyer.
"Will I be 'handed off' throughout the process?"
No.  With our Team, you are never 'handed off' during the course of your transaction (or ever!).  Your designated Team Member (Agent) will remain your hands-on advocate and representative, with the full support and resources of the entire Team behind them - - and you!
"Will I ever work with another Team Member?"
You will occasionally hear from our Team's Client Care Specialist on routine matters of your transaction, such as ensuring that you have copies of all pertinent paperwork or for a quick question. 
Also, if your designated Team Member agent becomes ill, etc., then our Team Leader or another Team Member may step in temporarily so that you are always covered and always receiving the service, communication, contact, and support that you expect - - and deserve!
"Does signing a Buyer Agency Agreement obligate me in any way to buy a home or pay a penalty if I don't buy a home?"
No.  If our efforts are unsuccessful or your situation changes and you end up not buying a home, there is no penalty and no termination fee or other cost to you. 
You are never forced to purchase a home.
If, however, we are successful in finding you a home, then the Buyer Agency Agreement protects your rights as a consumer and allows us to act as your Agent to promote and protect your best interests.
Remember, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you know that from the beginning, and all the way through to closing, we are working hard to ensure your complete satisfaction!
"What are the advantages to me in working with your Team?"
Our experience..."We have done this before!" 
Also, our Team Members' cumulative skill, experience, and know-how in successfully representing Buyers is of benefit to ALL of our Team's clients!
We share ideas, strategies, experiences, contract knowledge, issue resolution, best practices, professional resources, tactics, and client support with each other for the benefit of all of our Buyer clients.
No single agent can do that!
Also, since our Team has developed the necessary administrative  systems, transaction checklists, and 'behind the scenes support, you can rest assured that all of the details will be handled and that your designated Agent is freed-up to focus the majority of his or her time and energy on YOU!
Simply stated, a Team will always out-perform and out-service       an Individual.  Our Team has handled hundreds of successful Buyer and Seller transactions - - we know this business inside and out! 
Let our shared skill, experience, expertise, knowledge, and resources work for you!

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Thank you for visiting our website!  We offer free consultations with absolutely no pressure and no obligation whatsoever - - We are here to help!
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