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Protect Yourself!  Have A Professional Home Inspection!

You've just found the Home of your Dreams. You are thrilled and excited thinking about your new life in your new home!  But wait!


Is the Home fundamentally sound?  Do the major appliances and the Home's systems such as the Heating, Air Conditioning, plumbing, and electrical service function properly?  Are there signs of any issues?

Don't leave it to chance! 

We recommend a thorough, professional Home Inspection by a qualified licensed inspector for ALL of our Buyer clients, even if:


     The Home is a brand new home or "only a few years old"


     The  Home has a Home Warranty and/or other service contracts


     The Home is being purchased from a family member or friend


     The Home has multiple contracts from other potential Buyers


     The Home is being sold "As-Is" such as an Estate Sale or Foreclosure 

Only the trained eye of a third-party experienced Home Inspector can catch all of the 'big' and 'little' things that you'll want to know before finalizing your home purchase.  And while no inspection is perfect, having a comprehensive, detailed professional Home Inspection Report will not only give you peace of mind but also will be an asset when approaching a Seller about any specific deficiencies which may have been discovered.

When we represent you as your Exclusive Buyer's Agent, we are there with you side by side throughout the entire transaction, including attending your Home Inspection with you, as an extra set of 'eyes and ears' and to provide you with feedback and our professional experience.

Depending on the Home, there may be additional Inspection(s) such as:

     Radon Testing following EPA guidelines

     Well Water Testing and System Inspection

     Septic System Inspection and Servicing

     Swimming Pool and Pool Equipment Inspection

     Inspection of any feature not covered in a traditional Home Inspection

     Further Inspection of an item believed to be at issue (visual observation)

     Inspection of a key item by a specialist such as a Structural Engineer

Of course, if any Inspection(s) uncover potential problems, we are there to assist you in negotiating a reasonable outcome, whether it is having the Seller repair or replace an item, accepting a monetary credit in lieu of actual repairs, or even lowering the sales price of the home in consideration of the particular defect(s).  

It's all part of our representing your best interests when we act as your Buyer's Agent!

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Thank you for visiting our website!  We offer free consultations with absolutely no pressure and no obligation whatsoever - - We are here to help!
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