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Staged Homes sell for more.  Often times for much more.​

The term "Staging" in regards to home preparations before selling originated from the world of theater and the practice of 'staging' or presenting a show in order that it looked its best to the audience. 


Today, the idea of Staging Includes advice regarding what should be done to make a property that is to be sold as appealing as possible.

It often includes a consultation with a Professional Stager who is talented and experienced in the art of presentation.  Most Stagers will utilize the furnishings and decor of the existing owner; other times additional accessories will be brought in, such as art, linens, and small decorative items to enhance and maximize the effect.

Sometimes by simply removing certain items and rearranging the furniture, the best effect can be obtained at a minimal cost. 


Either way, an initial consultation with a professional Stager can be incredibly helpful.  Statistics show that it can greatly enhance your chances of selling your home more quickly and even for a better price.


Other time-tested preparations that can greatly enhance your sale - - and your bottom line - - include:

     Fresh Paint in warm, neutral tones; White trim

     New Flooring such as carpeting, tile, and hardwoods

     Kitchen granite counter-tops, Stainless-Steel appliances

     Top-to-Bottom thorough cleaning, inside and out - - "Clean Sells!"

So, which preparations and improvements are worth doing?  Which will give you the greatest return on your investment?  Which are critical and which are less important

If you are thinking of selling your home, but you are not sure that you know the best way to prepare the property to its best advantage, we are here to help!

Any of our Team Members can offer you a Free Initial Consultation which includes a detailed walk-through of your Home and thorough discussion of what preparations will benefit you the most.

We will help you to identify the most effective potential steps that you can take to maximize the bottom line when you sell.  And, we can even help you with prioritizing the things that matter most - - or even things that you really don't need to do - - to best prepare for going on the market.

 "You Never Get A Second Chance To Make To Make A Good First Impression!"  

Let us help you to make a GREAT first impression!

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Thank you for visiting our website!  We offer free consultations with absolutely no pressure and no obligation whatsoever - - We are here to help!
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