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Professional Networking

The Best of The Best Sell More Homes!

FACT:  The Top 10% of Realtors Sell 90% of the Homes!

That's an astonishing yet true statistic!  And when you work with The Art of Real Estate Team, you're working with one of the Top 10% (in fact, we're in the Top 1%!)

One of the ways that we outperform other agents is our established and exclusive Networking with other Top Producing Agents and Teams - - throughout our area, around the country, and across the Globe!

Our professional relationships mean that we often are a step ahead of the pack!  By Networking with other elite Realtors, we can often find Buyers even before your listing goes active on the market. 


And since these are top professionals in the field like us, we know that they are only dealing with highly qualified 'ready, willing, and able' home Buyers.

Equally, our relationships with other Top Producers can benefit our Buyer Clients, too!  We have heard about new listings that were not yet on the market - - and got our Buyer Clients in the door first!


Reputation is this industry matters, and a stellar reputation like ours comes only after many years of successfully interacting with other highly skilled and equally reputable Top Producing agents.

Intensive Local, Regional, National, and Global Networking is part of the secret of our success!

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