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The FAA established new regulations  in August 2016 that required anyone using a drone for commercial purposes (defined as anything other than recreation) to hold a valid Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small UAS Rating.


We only work with properly licensed drone operators to ensure that the drone pilot knows the rules they need to follow, but also to protect you from being associated with any illegal drone flying operations.  We also ensure that they have the proper current Insurance, Experience, and Quality of Work.

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Aerial/Drone Photography

"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!"

Sometimes even the best professional Photographer cannot capture 'just the right angle' or show off a Home's unique home site, nearby features, or other visual interest.

If so, it might be time to take to the air!

More and more, we are able to take advantage of additional resources (Google Maps, MicroSoft Earth) for added Aerial or elevated images of a home and its surroundings.

Also, a home may warrant the additional views and images that can only be captured today by using Drone Photography.

The following are some situations where adding Aerial Images or even Drone Photography may prove advantageous:

A Luxury, Rural, or Estate Property

A Property featuring Land or a Special Lot

A Home with a partially blocked view of the front

A Home with a Swimming Pool

A Home with extensive exterior improvements

A Home with nearby amenities or points of interest

A Home with outdated Public aerial images

But Beware!

The use of overhead or elevated pictures are not for every home!  Certain conditions may prevent their use or may even be detrimental to your sale!

Aerial and Drone images may actually highlight perceived negatives (proximity to nearby roads, neighboring home(s) in disrepair, a home's roof that is showing its age), but also may be impractical or even impossible due to close-by tall trees, etc.

According to FAA rules and regulations, your home must not be in a Federally declared "No Drone Zone"

Your Team Member can help to evaluate whether or not adding Aerial Images and/or Drone Photography makes sense for your Home and your situation.

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