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New Home Construction

If you are considering a New Home from     a local Builder, do NOT go it alone!

Examples of NEW HOMES where we represented  the Purchasers as their Exclusive Buyer's Agent:


Builders have their own professional representatives working for them.  Here are some reasons that you should have your own professional representation (Buyer's Agent) when purchasing a New Home:
The Builder Representatives owe all of their loyalties to the Builder, not to you.  Without your own representative, all dealings will be done without any added assistance, insight, objective council, or support for your best interests.
That's not to say that Builders are not reputable or necessarily unfair in dealing with the buying public - - quite the opposite is true for the overwhelming majority of local area home builders.
However, occasionally misunderstands occur, mistakes are made, questions arise, or you need objective advice or guidance.  That's where having your own representative working solely in your best interests is invaluable.
We guide, inform, and support our clients throughout the entire process - - after all, we've done this many times before!
In fact, our Team Leader actually began his real estate career working for local Home Builders.  His over 8 years of working directly as a New Homes Sales Manager gives our Team's clients a unique and valuable advantage when purchasing a New Home!
Now representing Buyer clients, we provide hands-on support when you are buying a New Home, either right off the Builder's blueprints or a home that is already in the construction process.
We also provide feedback regarding future resale potential.
As a top producing Team, we know what features, upgrades, options, and designs are trendy and which hold the greatest potential long-term value for when you go to sell that home in the future.  We can advise you on popular finishes and upgrades, Lot characteristics, community amenities, condo or homeowner association considerations, which structural options pay off the most in the future, and much more.
If something does go wrong, we are there with you.
Think about it:  If an issue were to arise, do you think a Builder would be more responsive to an individual buyer or to a Buyer represented by the #1 CENTURY 21 firm in the world (a company that brings them numerous Buyers to purchase their homes)? 
That is to say that when we represent you as your Buyer's Agent in a New Home sales transaction, you have added clout - - the clout of having our Team and our organization standing behind you!


"Inspect what you expect."

One of the most critical reasons for having us represent you in a New Home purchase is that we are an added, objective set of 'eyes and ears'.   Unlike most real estate agents, our knowledge and experience with New Homes and working with Builders means that we know what to look for. 


To that end, also we work with a special group of Home Inspectors who specialize in New Home inspections (a.k.a. - "Pre-Drywall" inspections) that we highly recommend.

And, we attend those important third-party inspections as well as the scheduled Builder Orientations and Inspections in person along with you.  That way, we can point out any additional items or pose significant questions to be addressed by the Builder on your behalf.  Remember, we have done this before!

FACT:  You pay the same for your Builder New Home whether you have your own Buyer's Agent or not.

That's right.  Builders typically do not 'discount' the price of a home that they are selling if you show up without an agent.

Builders learned a long time ago that should they do so, they create potential appraisal issues in their community (if some homes sell for less while other similar homes are sold for more).

Also, Builders know that the buyers within their new communities talk and share their experiences with each other.


The last thing that a Builder wants is the negative perception, 'hard feelings', or 'bad press' that comes from an owner in their community who feels that they got a 'raw deal' from the Builder by paying a different price than someone else for the same home.

Most importantly, savvy Builders know that their best source of advertising and new business comes from the local Real Estate Agent community.  In fact, many Builders offer Real Estate Agents bonuses or graduated commission programs as an incentive to keep Agents coming back with their best Buyer clients!

So,the bottom line is when you buy a New Home with us as your Agent, that the Builder will pay the Buyer's Agent fee and you'll receive the added benefit of full client representation from us throughout the entire process.  It's truly a win-win situation!

But Beware!

We can ONLY protect you if we are part of the process! 


That means that we need to be present with you during your first visit to the Builder's model home or information center, depending on the Builder's respective Broker/Realtor Policy.

Or, at a minimum, most Builders will acknowledge and allow for a Buyer's Agent if you mention that you are working with a Realtor and provide them with your designated Team Member's name and information when registering (filling out any form or paperwork) with the Builder Representative.  It's that simple!

So, if you're thinking about buying a New Home, give us a call!

We will be sure that your Best Interests are protected throughout the process!

2023SIGNRIDER - Buying.jpg
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Let Us Represent You When Buying Your New Home!

Thank you for visiting our website!  We offer free consultations with absolutely no pressure and no obligation whatsoever - - We are here to help!
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