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Thought your Dream Home didn't exist? 

So did these Buyers...until we found these OFF MARKET Homes!

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Not in MLS? No Problem!
This Beautiful Home was being sold off market by the owner. My clients got a great deal - including a brand new roof, gutters, and siding - after the contract was signed!
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Rental that Sold instead!
The owner of this lovely home wanted to Rent it, but we were able to convince them that selling (to us!) rather than renting it again made more sense!
A 'win-win' transaction!
DHFound 15.jpg
Not in MLS? No Problem!
Knowing that this Home had tried to sell before, we were able to negotiate a sale without them putting it into the MLS!  Price, timing, and terms worked out for everyone! A great deal!
DHFound 4.jpg
About to List? Don't!!
Because I've got a Buyer looking for this Home! (And they got in before anyone else and bought it without getting into a bidding war!)
I love it when my clients  get their Dream Home!
And these are just a few examples of how my Dream Home Finder Service can help you find and purchase the home of your dreams!  If you are tired of seeing just the same old 'leftover' properties for sale (or worse, the homes shown online that are already purchased!), then my Dream Home Finder Service might be right for you.

In order to find the best homes, you need a house-hunting strategy that goes beyond the ordinary.  The homes listed in the MLS are often getting into escalations with multiple contracts from a number of serious Buyers.

To be successful, and to potentially find your Dream Home BEFORE it gets into the MLS and is fully marketed, you need an Agent who has a proven record for expanding your choices beyond the MLS - - and will even spend their own money to help his clients find OFF MARKET properties that match exactly what they are looking for!

Want to know more?  Simply fill out this quick contact form and tell me exactly what you are looking for in your next home and I'll be in touch with the details with absolutely NO cost and NO pressure whatsoever!  (Be sure to put 'Dream Home Finder' in the Subject line of the form)  Let's find YOUR Dream Home!

More Dream Home Finding Success!

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Whether it's through paid target-marketing, professional networking, data-mining the MLS and Public Records, my relationships with local custom and production home builders, neighborhood solicitations, Agent-to-Agent networks,  social media campaigns, or a host of my other tools and resources, I simply have access to more homes - BEFORE THEY GO ON THE MARKET - than Consumers and even most other Agents do!

Click here to fill out a simple form - Let's get started finding YOUR Dream Home!

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Thank you for visiting our website!  We offer free consultations with absolutely no pressure and no obligation whatsoever - - We are here to help!
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