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Think You Don't Need An Agent When Buying A New Home? Think Again.

Having A Skilled Buyer's Agent When You Buy A New Home Can Save You Money Now AND In The Future.



Do I need to have an Agent when I'm looking to buy a new construction home?  The short answer is no. 


SHOULD I have an Agent when I buy a new home? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!  


Here's why:


You Versus The Builder...and the Agent Myth


Local area Builders have their marketing and sales operations down to a science.


This includes model homes decorated and staged to entice your interest and highly-trained sales representatives working on behalf of the Builder.


Most Builders will gladly work with your Buyer's Agent.  Contrary to common belief, Builders do not typically offer you a 'better deal' if you're not working with your own Agent.  There are several reasons for this:


     * Builders rely on professional Real Estate Agents to bring their clients to new home sales sites.  Builders know that Agents work with 'ready, willing, and able' home buyers, therefore Agents are a valued partner in their overall sales strategy.


     * Builders factor into their planning a certain number of transactions involving Buyer's Agents just the same as they budget for their own advertising, paying their own sales staff, and other costs associated with effectively selling their communities.


     * Like all home Sellers, Builders must get their properties to fully appraise in order for their Buyers to complete each transaction.  The pricing data would be skewed artificially if 'discounts' (for not having an Agent) were occurring, making it more difficult to obtain proper appraised valuations throughout the rest of the community.  A serious concern that is certainly not worth risking by the Builder.


Savvy Builders see Buyer's Agents as a welcomed cost of doing business.



An experienced Buyer's Agent can give you valuable perspective when you are considering a new home purchase.  This includes comparable market analysis to help you to evaluate the total offering from the Builder.  And, yes, in some circumstances, Builders will negotiate on new homes - - and your Buyer's Agent can help to explore this in an objective and productive way on your behalf.


Future Resale Value

By using a Buyer's Agent you'll receive invaluable feedback and input as to which Builder features and options will not only increase your enjoyment, but will have the greatest positive impact when you (eventually) go to sell the home.  This includes your lot selection, home elevation (the front facade), which structural options provide the greatest resale return, what to potentially avoid, etc.


Other factors, such as nearby future development, 'over-building' of competing house types, popular amenities, etc., can also make a difference and your Buyer's Agent is free to give you objective advice regarding a variety of additional considerations beyond the role and scope of the Builder's representative.


When Things Go 'Bump' In The Night

Like professional Real Estate Agents, Builders work very hard to ensure that their Customers are happy.  Reputation is key to Builders and Agents alike.


Unfortunately, sometimes issues arise, even with the most reputable Builders.  When they do, having your own seasoned Real Estate Agent - - who is specifically very experienced with new home sales - - can be worth its weight in gold.  As your representative, we can advocate on your behalf for a fair and reasonable outcome.


Remember, by having a Buyer's Agent on your side, the Builder wants not only to make you happy, but also to impress your Agent so that they'll continue to bring their best Buyers to purchase within that Builder's communities(!)  


Again, your Buyer's Agent and the Builder share their desire that you love your new home!   


No Cost Representation!

When you consider that having a Buyer's Agent represent you in your new home purchase does not cost you directly (our fee is covered by the Builder), then you must wonder why anyone would go it alone!


Just remember that most Builders have a policy that your Agent must be with you during your initial visit to their community, model homes, etc., so don't miss out on this important protection!  Call us today!


Want More Info About Buying A New Home With An Agent? 


Go to: 



Have questions about the Home Buying or Home Selling process?  We are here to help, just as we have guided and assisted hundreds of Northern Virginia buyers and sellers!  


We help our SELLERS to get "The Most Money For Their Home", and our BUYERS to get "The Most Home For Their Money" - - and we can do the same for YOU!


"We Sell Homes From A Fresh Perspective...YOURS!"


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