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Which Agent Has

'The Right Stuff'?

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BEFORE You Hire Another Agent To

Sell Your Home, GET THE FACTS!

There are literally thousands of real estate agents in Northern Virginia.
So, how do you go about picking one that will truly sell your home for more money, in less time, and provide you with the very best service and support?
If Experience, Expertise, Knowledge, Bottom-Line Results, and the delivery of Excellent Service are important to you, then we have an easy way of helping you to compare agents! 

Agent Comparison Report

To help you to objectively compare us to any other Agent or Team that you may be considering, we've developed a simple yet comprehensive  side-by-side Agent Comparison Report which will show you:

     A Comparison of Sales Results - data taken directly from the MLS!

     A Comparison of Tenure - how long each agent been in the business

     A Comparison of Training - Professional Designations/Certifications

     A Side-by-Side Checklist and List of Questions To Ask any agent

Make no mistake, there are many very good agents out there!  There are also agents who simply do not have the same experience, know-how, skill, reputation, track record, or ability as The Art of Real Estate Team.


Get The Facts Before You Decide!

If you are interviewing other Agents or Teams to list your home, they may not have the same degree of success


Just give us their name(s) and we'll prepare for you a side-by-side sales effectiveness comparison from sales data straight out of the MLS system! 


That way, you can compare for yourself which Agent or Team has the experience to maximize your bottom line! 


Why offer to do this?  Simple.  We are so confident in our ability to outperform and out-service other agents that we are willing to put our results 'side-by-side' against anyone else that you may be considering.  We know that once we've helped you to sell your home, you'll refer your family and friends to us because of the great experience that you've had with our Team!

YES!  I would like to compare your MLS data with that of another Agent I'm considering

We will furnish you with an objective side-by-side Agent Comparison Report based on actual sales data from    the MLS system so that you can compare and decide!

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